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If you're in need of a world class, powerful, and extremely easy to use Computerized Maintenance Management system then you came to the right place. Our Maintenance Coordinator applications are designed not to just meet these requirements but to exceed them in many ways.

 Since first releasing our maintenance software back in the year 2000, it has satisfied the needs of a widely diverse range of clients. For just a sampling we have sold to many branches of local, state and federal goverments. Hospitals, churches, universities, manufacturing facilities of all kinds, warehouses, fleet management, and many others have chosen one of our products as their primary maintenance solution. Why have they chosen us? It's because we offer complete packages that meet most, if not all their requirements for features, ease of use, and competitive pricing.

Maintenance Coordinator is based on a modular design. These modules interact with one another is such a way as to create an outstanding asset management system. This modular design also allows us to offer packages in a few different configurations. We offer a Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and also allow the creation of custom packages where you can design a solution that's just right for you.

Maintenance Coordinator - Standard Edition is our PM Coordinator's big brother. It was designed to be a reflection of features that many of our competitors offer, but still employs many of our own advanced features and styles. This package allows you to schedule recurring maintenance, repair maintenance, perform purchasing and inventory control activities, maintain complete asset maintenance histories, and much more,

With Maintenance Coordinator - Professional Edition you get all the great features of the Standard Edition plus many other value added features you would normally have to look elsewhere for. These additional features are often over looked in our competitors' offerings, but are considered extemely useful by most maintenance operations. Some of the enhancements include a Projects Planner, HR management, Tools Database, Training and Procedures database, Issues tracking and handling, Forms and Permits designer, support for barcode reading, a Report Writer, Safety and Incident management, and more.

With our optional Portable Devices module you can take Maintenance Coordinator on the road with you. With the included database synchronization routines it easy to port and sync your databases with local drives, servers or cloud based sources. This also makes it a breeze to deploy Maintenance Coordinator to Windows tablets, laptops or other Windows Devices.

In conclusion we would like you to note that we have just barely touched the surface of all the features this powerful system has to offer. Please click on the links to the left and view more details about individual modules in the system. We want to thank you for your interest in our products and urge you to call us if you have any questions. We also encourage you to download one of our free 30 days trials.